Is Bobbie From Mad Men The Sexy Green M&M?

Have you seen this new commercial for M&Ms Premiums, with the sexy green M&M? The one where the green M&M is so hot that the M&M cameramen are struck dumb by her raw sensuality? Maybe I’ve been watching too much Mad Men, but after seeing this commercial a hundred times in the past week, I’m convinced that the narrator’s voice is Melinda McGraw, aka Bobbie Barrett, who’s been stirring up trouble for Don Draper in Season 2. Decide for yourself:

The actual voice of the green M&M, as seen in this bizarrely stupid interview with The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison, sounds completely different and not even sexy. And so far there’s no way to confirm the identity of the narrator, but I swear to god it’s Bobbie. If anyone has any information, tip me off!