Why Can’t There Be More Jason Priestleys?

Popular Hollywood blog Defamer has a post today about Jason Priestley, who showed up at a fundraiser last night sporting a full Galifianakis beard (Defamer’s observation, points awarded) and was dismissive of questions about the new 90210 and extremely dismissive of questions about his potential involvement in the new 90210, to quote:

He said: “Am I looking forward to it? Er, I’m intrigued by it. I think, like, I’m intrigued by it, sure.’

When asked if he’d like to rejoin his former co-stars Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth on the show, Jason bluntly replied: ‘Er, not really no.’

And when a reporter asked if he believed the show should have been brought back, he said simply: ‘It’s none of my business, really is it?’

Earlier this week, of course, Lindsay recapped the new series’ premiere episode, including the hilarious work of 90210 producers to indelibly link Brandon Walsh with something called a megaburger or something, whether Jason Priestley wanted to play ball or not. Ridiculous. Good job, 90210, see me after class. That of course included this amazing Priestley quote from last weekend’s New York Times article revisiting the original cast:

PRIESTLEY They talked to me about reprising my role as Brandon. This is what they said to me: “Wouldn’t it be great if, in the pilot, Brandon was picking up some mega-burgers at the Peach Pit? Wouldn’t that be awesome?” No, that’s not so awesome. That’s not so interesting to me.

So the question becomes, why can’t there be more of this guy? What a cool guy he turned out to be! I mean, who knows, after this celebrity charity event he might have returned to a studio apartment with no running water and the walls completely stripped of copper wiring for heroin money to continue his important work as the administrator of a white power message board, but in today’s age of fame-at-any-cost-whoring, his reluctance to grab for the brass ring of a nostalgia-based paycheck is refreshing! Not only that, but he seems to recognize that the whole endeavor is sad and unimaginative. He’s blowing the whistle on this corrupt institution of Hollywood and bringing the whole thing tumbling down. Kind of. I mean, not at all. But still.

I’m giving God the green light to make some more of these.