Where Are The Terrorists When You Need Them?: World Whistling Championships

Ew. You know how you’ll be somewhere and you’ll see some dude walking down the street, or going through the aisles of a grocery store, or in a men’s restroom, anywhere that there’s dudes really, and he’s just whistling for all the world to hear? Like really getting into it all Cinderella getting fitted for a dress by songbirds-style? Warbling and prancing around with his little whistle like he’s God’s gift to passersby? Like how blessed are you to chance upon this wondrous whistler who cannot wait but to entrance you with his melodic song? THAT GUY IS THE WORST AND SOMEONE SHOULD STOP THAT GUY. Well, here is our chance. Apparently that guy, and all the other guys, get together for the World Whistling Championships. WE CAN STOP THEM ALL!

Video footage of all your boyfriends in one place whistling, after the jump.

I know the United States Military is stretched dangerously thin right now, but surely we can send one troop to this thing and just shut the whole operation down. BLACK OPS.