Sarah Palin Looks Like Someone!

We’ve been featuring a lot of politics on Videogum this week because that’s what’s going on out there, but it’s obviously not really our strong suit. I can admit that. I have BELIEFS, and I feel STRONGLY about things, but sometimes when I watch the politicians on the TV, even the ones that I don’t agree with, I think how annoying it must be to have people like ME acting like a g-damned expert all of a sudden. Blog punditry from The Hills Country, is the political equivalent of when I was watching the diving competition during the Olympics and being like “Oh, good, that was a very clean entry. I give him a 9.5 from the country of my couch.” Kind of. Except that the divers never posited their opinions on WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS and the legal ramifications of two human beings just trying to LOVE EACH OTHER.

That being blogged, I knew last night during Sarah Palin’s speech that I couldn’t be the only one thinking that she looked like someone else. It wasn’t even a political viewpoint or a meaningful observation, but I just knew that others had to be thinking the same thing. We are one country (ONE LOVE!), and there are only so many media representations of smart, accomplished sexy librarian-types with an acid tongue out there.

Sarah Palin looks like Tina Fey. Via Think Progress. Actual Life magazine cover from September 2004. I’m sorry if I just made the election WAY MORE COMPLICATED for you with this MIND BLOWING analysis.