Sarah Palin Is Going To Grenade Launch Her Hunting Partner In The Face

It has been revealed that Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin supports the practice of “aerial wolf hunting,” which to be honest sounds amazing and like the best thing. But apparently it’s not and it’s also horrible. Basically, what it entails is going up in a plane, finding a wolf, and chasing that wolf with a plane. Sometimes you shoot the wolf from the plane, but sometimes you figure that maybe it’s easier to just keep chasing the wolf until it gets really tired and lays down for a nap, and then you land the plane and shoot the wolf in its sleeping face. Wait, whuuuuuuut? I’m not a vegetarian by any means, and I’m not even morally opposed to hunting, but that is so upsetting. Even Christian the Lion might have to rethink his position on humans and whether or not they are worth hugging.

But aerial wolf hunting reminds me of something else.

When sitting Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner Harry Whittington in the face (which is still the most amazing sentence to say/type/hear/read) it was revealed that it occurred during a quail hunting trip in which caged birds were planted in bushes moments before the hunters drove up in a truck and flushed the birds out of the bushes, and then shot them. You see what I mean? No planes were involved, but there’s definitely a pattern of Vice Presidents and Vice Presidential candidates taking a lot of the “hunt” out of hunting, and it seems to be getting more X-TREME. The Cheney incident resulted in one of my favorite Daily Show field pieces ever:

I can’t wait for the Daily Show segment on Sarah Palin accidentally targeting a nuclear missile on her hunting partner. (I am just kidding, God of Elections, I can wait!) And I feel a little bit like one of those creeps standing outside of an abortion center holding up a giant picture of an aborted fetus, but here’s a pretty sad video (via Radar) about this aerial wolf hunting nightmare:

Animals, you guys. Let’s stop shooting them in the face when they’re tired.