Louis C.K. Has A New Stand Up Special Cummming In October (Sorry)

This clip from the upcoming Louis C.K. Showtime special “Chewed Up,” airing October 4th at 11PM features NSFW language, kind of cringey jokes about how bad he needs to cum all the time, and the audio isn’t even synched. But when we make a Videogum Promise, such as the Videogum Promise to always post anything related to the work of Louis C.K., it doesn’t matter if the clip mostly just makes you hope that the rest of the stand up special is a lot better because that promise is written in a tiny hidebound notebook in ram’s blood under the headline MOST IMPORTANT PROMISES next to the list of PUNISHMENTS FOR BREAKING MOST IMPORTANT PROMISES. And there’s no way for you to prove whether or not that’s true.

I can’t wait to hear Dane Cook’s joke about how you can figure out how bad a bro you are by how soon after September 11th you flipped a cashew off your dong, like how long you waited, and how he knows he’s bad because he flipped cashews off his dong between the two buildings going down.

UPDATE: You can watch a much better, synched-sound version of the video here.