Britney Spears To Do Something At The VMAs Or Something

After a bunch of back and forth over whether or not Britney Spears would perform at the VMAs this year, MTV is now confirming that she will be there. But kind of still not performing. She’s going to be doing something, for sure, though, you guys, so, great news? From the AP:

NEW YORK (AP) _ It’s Britney, baby, one more time. Despite her train-wreck performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last year, the network confirms Spears will kick off the show once again.

But it won’t be a performance. Instead, MTV Networks Music Group President Van Toffler said Wednesday, it’ll be something “fun and unexpected” on Sunday night’s show.

OK, so it’s not a performance. But it’s something fun and unexpected? WHAT COULD IT BE? A few guesses after the jump:

  • Britney is going to play Freeze Tag and take care of her children.
  • Britney is going to play Trivial Pursuit and NOT snort ephedrine.
  • Britney is going to play Checkers and NOT shit her bikini pants.
  • Britney is going to play Hearts and keep her body weight at a regulated level that suggests a healthy and well-managed lifestyle with realistic, long term goals of wellness and personal satisfaction.
  • Britney is going to play Pogs and NOT make me ashamed for being fascinated by what a wreck she is.

I heard they’re going to change the name this year to the MTZing ZingMAs.