Diddy Apologizes To Alaska, Motherf***ers

Yesterday, Diddy took to his blog (YouTube is his blog, he bought it for 3.10 billion dollars so that he could blog there) to rail against John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for vice president, but he has already learned that when you enter the sphere of political punditry your tough stances on issues like “Alaska, motherfucker?” and “Pfft she be like pfft” can get you into hot water. He’s basically the black Robert Novak (he is not the black Robert Novak.) So that’s why he’s taken his iSight camera indoors and stopped spinning all the fuck around to get serious about how he knows that there are black people in Alaska.

“Diddy blogs, they serious but they ain’t that serious.” The best part is when he says that he can curse on his blog, as if that’s something that other bloggers can’t do, and yet the curse is bleeped out. So he can’t really curse on his blog? With flip-flopping like that on the serious issues of the day, there’s no way he’s going to become President of Blogtown in 2008 dot com.