David Duchovny Wants You To Rub His Belly

David Duchovny has been in the news lately, having made announcements and such about his recent troubles with sex addiction. Duchovny was one of my first grown-up TV star crushes, and I wish him the very best of luck getting the support he needs to — Oh, fuck it all, there’s no way to do this tastefully: I just remembered the Pedigree commercials for which Duchovny provides the voice of the dogs, like this one where he instructs the viewer to rub his belly, which in light of recent news, are now funnier. Because he’s a dog. “Seriously. Rub it”:

Also, David loves bones and hates cats in his distinctive Pedigree commercial trying-to-sound-dumb voice. “Mmmm, bones”:

“Cats are stupid.”:

I’ve always loved imagining David taping these commercials and getting into character. (I’m sorry, David! Get well soon!)