Do Not Play Buck Hunter Against This Man

The thing that’s weird about world records is that a lot of times you watch the incredible feats performed by these champions, and as insanely difficult as they must be to accomplish, and as impressive as they are when you actually think about it, you are not envious of them because it seems like being the guy at the party who wants to impress you with his arcane Washington D.C. punk trivia when you never even said anything about Washington D.C. punk. Take for example the sharp shooting of Tom Knapp, who throws ten shot clays into the air with is own hand and shoots them all in 2.2 seconds. That’s amazing. Why is he doing that?

(via Unique Daily)

I would politely ask Tom Knapp to stop yelling so much, but I’m too fearful that he’ll shoot out both my eyeballs, my earlobes, and each of my 32 teeth in 1.8 seconds and then just yell at my corpse.