90210: Jason Priestley’s Peach Pit Betrayal And Tilly And The Wall’s Censored Song

I watched all 4 hours of Saved By The Bell, But With BJs last night, and I’m going to have to take the minority opinion and say that while it isn’t a good show so far, I prefer it to Gossip Girl because at least 90210 has some likable characters. It’s just comforting, in this crazy chaotic anarchic world to know that Lori Loughlin and the guy who plays the dad have some things under control, like their perfect children, and that you always have a friendly face in Nat down at the Peach Pit. Speaking of Mr. Joe E. Tata, he participated in what I thought was the funniest part of the show, though unintentionally so. In Sunday’s New York Times’ oral history feature about 90210, Jason Priestley had this to say about why he rejected a cameo in the first episode:

PRIESTLEY They talked to me about reprising my role as Brandon. This is what they said to me: “Wouldn’t it be great if, in the pilot, Brandon was picking up some mega-burgers at the Peach Pit? Wouldn’t that be awesome?” No, that’s not so awesome. That’s not so interesting to me.

So last night, I practically did a spit-take when Brenda mentioned Brandon for the first (and only) time:

She doesn’t even sell the line! It’s like she knows she’s betraying Jason. Also, as expected, the show followed the Gossip Girl model by trying to grab a slice of the blog and indie rock popularity pie. Here’s a (censored) performance by Tilly And The Wall, and party photo bloggers The Cobrasnake and Cory Kennedy at lioness-villain Naomi’s “not so sweet sixteen” party:

If you want to see two long hours of comfortingly predictable plot twists boiled down to their sucky essence by the bad actor who plays Dixon (yes I know he was good on The Wire, but there is no argument that he isn’t terrible in this so far), FourFour has put together a nice montage.