There’s A New New Kids On The Block Parody Of Itself Video

Hahahahaha. The New Kids On The Block, man. They just keep trying and it’s so cute. Here’s the video for their new single, “Single,” which is about how if you’re a single lady, the New Kids On The Block and NeYo will pretend to be your boyfriend for the duration of the song or “single.”

It has a double meaning AND it breaks down the fourth wall, so it’s deep. If I could just speak for all the ladies in the world and say no thanks, New Kids On The Block and NeYo, we’re not retarded, and so we don’t want you to pretend to be our boyfriend for exactly 4:23, or any length of time, whatever that would even mean. Also, is that all of the New Kids or are a couple of them missing? Does NeYo count as two New Kids?