Tim Heidecker’s Stand Up Comedy Is The Norm McDonald Roast Log 10 To The LOL Power

The debate continues to rage in the comments over whether or not Norm McDonald’s roast of Bob Saget was a work of genius or a work of stupid. Although some people even seem to think it was a work of stupid BY a genius. Fair enough. The fact of the matter is that anti-comedy is an acquired taste, which is why I’ve avoided posting any of Tim Heidecker’s stand up clips because I was worried that you guys JUST WOULDN’T GET IT. But a new one went up this weekend, and I think you’re ready.

This video is like a test. If you enjoyed it, then you and I can go on a date, and if you didn’t enjoy it, then get out of my car*. I know that comedy is subjective and that there’s no right or wrong answer to what you find funny, but there is a right or wrong answer to WINNING MY HEART.

*I don’t actually own a car. Just like we will never actually go on a date.