Watch 90210 Or Shannen Doherty’s Doggies Will Die

Perusing the mainstream media coverage of the 90210 spinoff this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice that Shannen Doherty has figured out talking points for her interviews about the new show. When asked why she’s coming back, she claims it’s all for her doggies:

In Entertainment Weekly:

Why would I play Brenda Walsh again? There was an ”I Hate Brenda” newsletter. Why would I possibly get myself back into that?… At some point it hit me that this is what the fans wanted. They put a roof over my head. They allow me to eat and to feed my dogs. The only reason I survive is because of them. If there’s one way to possibly say thank you, it is to go back and play a character that you never even liked yourself.

In The New York Times:

I know that my fans are the reason why I have a career. They help me support myself and the roof over my head, and they allow dog food to go into my dog bowls so my doggies can eat.

Wow, that is sad. Whoever did that “I Hate Brenda” newsletter should start it back up with a Send Brenda Dog Food campaign. Actually, where is the I Hate Brenda Newsletter (2008)? We have the internet now. Somebody start that up.