Law And Order: Stupid Victims Unit

Here’s some raw footage that the AP released yesterday of an inmate in a New Mexico jail “escaping through a small door leading to a plumber’s chute.” Supposedly.

Eight inmates escaped Sunday, and five of them are still missing.

Um, hey, New Mexico prison system, it’s 2008. HOW ABOUT GETTING A CAMERA THAT WORKS. I would really hate to be the Chief of Police having to explain how eight inmates escaped from your prison because the guards missed what was happening due to the fact that the surveillance footage on their monitors had been dubbed over an Ugly Kid Joe cassingle using a PXL-2000. You could probably stick a cellphone to the wall with a piece of bubble gum and get clearer looking footage than this. You’re telling me that we have the imaging technology to make dinosaurs come to life in Jurassic Park but we can’t get some 2 megapixel cameras up in the New Mexico prison system? JURASSIC PARK!