The Muppet Show To Return To Television With More Dick And Weed?

I’ve got a little bit of good news, mixed with a little bit of really weird news. The good news is that there’s a chance The Muppet Show might return to television. According to the Telegraph (via BuzzFeed):

The Jim Henson-created characters may be on their way back thanks to a new Disney Film.

In the movie, written by Forgetting Sarah Marshall star and writer Jason Segel, the Muppets reunite to save their studio with one last variety show.

Should the film go well, it opens up the possibility of a television programme, also written by 28-year-old Segel.

The Muppet Show was a really great show! They should make more great shows for TV! Good thinking, Entertainment! But now for the really weird news:

A source said: “Jason is a massive Muppets fan and is seen as the man to finally bring The Muppet Show back to TV.

“It will obviously have all its old fans but Jason’s comedy is hugely popular with youngsters so it will open it up to a whole new audience.”

The source added: “If the movie script is popular Jason will write the TV series too. He is already coming up with ideas for it.”

Jason Segel’s comedy is hugely popular with youngsters? Which part? The part where he exposed himself to his girlfriend? Or the part where he played an aimless pothead with a love for too many drums? I just want to know exactly which aspect of Jason Segel’s comedy is so popular with the youngsters, because I’m getting older and I heard that you could ward of Alzheimer’s by believing in ridiculous made-up lies.

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