The Kal Penn Democratic Convention Mystery Is Finally Solved

The other night, I was watching the convention on CNN when I became convinced, crazy-person-style, that I saw Harold And Kumar and House star and my personal crush Kal Penn in the background wearing a neon vest, carrying a walkie-talkie, and appearing to be some sort of DNC security staff member. I rushed to try to record it but my Tivo was being weird (great story, huh?) Anyway, I’ve been talking about it nonstop for three days, this mysterious Kal Penn sighting, but Google searches revealed only what we already knew: that Penn was an Obama supporter. But what explained the outfit? Was he really working at the convention, or pretending to work at the convention for some sort of project? Finally, a friend sent this LA Times blog story: Kal Penn really is working at the convention, as a Virginia delegation worker and not as any sort of celebrity at all. It’s almost like Kal Penn wakes up every morning and asks himself: “Is there any way I could possibly be cooler?” And then he finds that way, and he does it. I love Kal Penn. (If anyone happens to see Kal at the convention on TV, by all means tip me off!)