Nobody Told These Wall Street Guys That Fake Rap Is Over

Despite Gabe’s crucial Petition To End Fake Rap, some people still seem to think fake rap is okay or that they look cool doing it. Apparently there’s some sort of feud on Wall Street between bankers and consultants or something? I don’t even know. Despite the Men’s Wearhouse-based disses, everyone here seems like pretty much the exact same type of asshole:

I think this is one of those Art Of War “Let your enemies kill each other” type of feuds*. I don’t really even know what’s going on in this video, I just know that the armor of self-parody these people think is protecting them from ridicule is not the teflon they think it is. Oh, and it’s viral marketing for some book. (Thanks for the tip, Jeff!)

* I have never read The Art Of War and I have absolutely no idea if that is in it.