Justin Timberlake Is Just Fucking With Us Now, Right?

It was my understanding that after Alpha Dog, Edison Force, and The Love Guru, we had all quietly come to the respectful conclusion that aside from playing himself on Gossip Girl or characters like Barry Gibb or Ashton Kutcher on SNL, Justin Timberlake could not act. I actually thought even he knew that and wasn’t going to try anymore? But no, because there’s a really weird marketing campaign for Justin’s fashion line, William Rast, that pretends to be “trailers” from a fake movie of the same name, but is Justin and some model ad libbing about some crime they’re going to commit and stealing a scene straight out of Natural Born Killers, which, by the way, also wasn’t good:

Guess what? Actual white trash killers probably don’t dress very nice. They probably wear Stuckey’s tshirts with vomit down the front, but what do you expect from the guy who, in 2008, wants to make sure everyone knows he started the trucker hat trend? There are several more, each more intelligence-insulting than the last. What’s the direct-to-DVD version of a celebrity fashion line? Direct-to-Ross-Dress-For-Less?