A Note On The Beauty Of Amateur YouTube Musicians, Both Kinds

There’s a lot of internet meme attention paid on amateur would-be musicians who are even more lacking in self-awareness then they are in musical talent. We’re as guilty of that as anyone. Because the fact is those people are fascinating and awesome. Contrary to what one commenter complained last week, I don’t think that it’s laughing at people who are poor and uneducated for being poor and uneducated to appreciate a truly mind-blowing YouTube video made by Outsider Artists. I genuinely love these videos and am glad that they exist, not to mention the fact that the people who make them want their work to be seen, that’s why they’re available on-line.

That being said, it’s true that not as much attention is paid, at least around here, to the internet musicians who actually do have some musical talent and upload their work into the Henry Darger insanity-abyss of the internet. Like these two little girls in the woods covering the Fleet Foxes, for example.

Thanks for the tip, Mandy. These girls did such a nice job with their pretty voices out in the magical forest! That was great! Good job, internet!

And now back to making a mockery of the world as we watch it burn.