Heidi Montag And Kanye West Are Equally Talented Musicians

Two of the world’s most popular musical artists, Kanye West and Heidi Montag, released new music videos today. Kanye’s is a short animated film from artist Takashi Murakami, while Heidi’s is a parody of an ’80s work out video. But while they each took very different angles in approaching the visual interpretation of their music, making an effort to really define their personal style as artists, neither one is better than the other. It’s like two giants meeting each other on the field of battle and laying down their arms out of respect.

Both videos after the jump.

As you can see in this video, Kanye leaves behind the tropes of traditional hip hop imagery for the embrace of the art world. He’s an artist who’s unafraid to mix things up aesthetically and show appreciation for other mediums. The video shares the stage with Takashi Murakami, rather than providing a self-serving portrait of Mr. West.

And as you can see in this video, Heidi Montag is retarded.

Man, she’s really nothing but a pro when it comes to her music career, huh you guys? Just to be clear, that music video didn’t leak by accident, she posted it like that on her website (which is currently down, probably due to some problem with the rubber bands and glue that were holding it together.) Not that it would be that much better if it wasn’t all messed up. Sure, it wouldn’t be 10 minutes of unbearable slow motion, but I mean, she’d still be in it, as unaware as ever that she’s so useless as a human being that she’s no longer even viable food in a disaster situation. Because of all the plastic that she’s made of.