Is Ed Westwick Austin Powers?

This weekend’s Page Six magazine has an interview with Ed Westwick (via Just Jared). Did you know he was British? Of course you did. All 12-year-old girls know that. But did you also know that he talks like some kind of shagabarfic idiot?

On refusing to let all the fan adulation go to his head: “There are perks to this job. We [the Gossip Girl cast] were all thrown into this situation with a lot of attention on us, and you get a lot of free clothes and s-t but that’s no reason not to stay grounded. What am I really doing, baby? Saving the world? Nah, I’m on television.”

On his portrayal as Chuck Bass being just as notable as his own bad behavior and sense of style: “Chuck is an iconic character and the clothes are iconic. I think I rock the look well. My style has always been good. Top notch, baby. I like the glamorous indie rock look, like the Libertines. But you know, without the heroin needle sticking out of my arm.”

On planning to enjoy the city and the last warm days of the season: “I love going out in the summer. The girls wear their nice dresses. Did that sound sleazy? It really did, didn’t it? Put it like this: Everyone comes out looking gorgeous in summer. We are a more beautiful species in the summer. No doubt Chuck Bass would say ‘cheers’ to that, baby.”

Does he make you horny, baby? Does he? No, of course he doesn’t. Because someone who ends sentences with “baby” makes you want to punch, not fuck.