If You Really Love Anne Hathaway, You’ll Watch The Passengers Trailer In Spanish

There’s finally a trailer for the Anne Hathaway/Patrick Wilson thriller, Passengers, which opens October 24 and stars Hathaway as a therapist who counsels plane crash survivors. The trailer is in Spanish, though, with the voices dubbed in Spanish with no subtitles. Somehow, it still entertained me:

I don’t speak Spanish, but I found a website that translated the trailer. Sample:

– David Morse: Your patients are susceptible to external influences.
– Anne Hathaway: How do you know where i live?
– Anne Hathaway: He knows personal things about me.
– Patrick Wilson: Do you have a sister?
– Anne Hathaway: Yes.
– Patrick Wilson: You should call her.
– David Morse: You are losing your credibility.

It seems like something was lost in translation, but sure! Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson are pretty.