Tom Colicchio Teaches You How To Cook From The Comfort Of Your Own Laptop

The bald-headed charisma vacuum, Tom Colicchio, has teamed up with the creators of Funny or Die, to create a website called Eat Drink or Die (thanks for the tip, Scott). Seriously. That’s what they called it. This will be a fun empire. I can’t wait for Fashion Tips and Gossip or Die and also Automobile News and Information or Die. Anyway, it’s got blogs on various food-related topics, users can submit videos of their children cooking hot dogs, and then there are the professional videos. This is basically the food world’s version of The Landlord:

That landlord has such a potty mouth! JUST KIDDING, I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. I support this website. Food is delicious. And it seems like this site could be a really useful resource for making tastes right in your own home. The internet should have more utilitarian content sites that are functional and service-y and not just some idiot typing a bunch of stuff he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Besides some of the videos are even MILDLY AMUSING. You don’t want to laugh too hard when you’re trying to get all the food in your mouth, you just want to laugh a little, or smile knowingly. That being said, I would strongly urge whoever is shooting these videos to get a microphone that isn’t made out of tinfoil and nostalgia so that we can actually hear what’s being said. Just a quick PRO-TIP.