Michel Gondry And Jerry Seinfeld To Cancel Each Other Out For Microsoft

See, this is the problem with the internet:

August 22, 2008 (Computerworld) Michel Gondry, the innovative director of films, music videos and numerous TV commercials, is directing at least one of the TV spots starring Jerry Seinfeld touting Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system, according to numerous reports.

Blogs in the New York City borough of Brooklyn reported in mid-July that locations including the Brooklyn Public Library, Prospect Park and parts of the neighborhood of Carroll Gardens were being closed down for a Microsoft television commercial shot by the French director and the production company he is affiliated with, Partizan Entertainment.

The trade magazine, Advertising Age, reported at the time that Seinfeld was rumored to be in the Brooklyn-shot commercial, though it did not confirm it.

The Journal reported that the Seinfeld commercial, for which the comedian will be paid about $10 million, will debut on Sept. 4.

(thanks for the tip, Jeb)

Too much information on this thing! I’ve got to get excited about commercials now? I have neither the time, nor the energy to get excited about commercials. Although, I’m not even sure I’m excited. Don’t get me wrong, Michel Gondry is really good at his job. He should keep making things forever, and get promoted to Regional Vice President of Making Things. But Jerry Seinfeld is the worst. The only thing Jerry Seinfeld should be a spokesman for is the important work of getting out of my face.

Besides, I don’t even need to see this commercial to know what it’s going to look like. You just combine this:

With this:

Hahahha. I do love that Bill Cosby advertisement (via BoingBoing). Between that and his work for Service Merchandise, he was really in charge of all the best stuff. It was probably because he knew all the important words, like “software” and “the computer.” Too bad he signed that big endorsement deal with Sexual Assault.