The Guy Who Pimped Out His Kid Is The Next Bachelor

Ugh, I hated Jason, the biggest loser on the last season of The Bachelorette, and not just because he tried too hard. When he told Deanna he had a child from a previous relationship, that was cool, but then on the hometown date he trotted the kid out as Deanna- and America-bait, even allowing the kid to be interviewed confessional-style. Not okay. ABC announced last night that Jason is the new Bachelor, which is unsurprising because every single episode of the franchise includes an increasingly desperate plea for Bachelor candidates (never Bachelorette candidates, though, as the standards are much lower for Bachelorettes, who aren’t required to have careers.) But the worst part is a quote from Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who recently told a conference of TV critics that if Jason were chosen his kid “Would have to take center stage.” Unless they have a change of heart on the kidsploitation issue, expect the next Bachelor cycle to involve a lot of women fawning over a very confused little boy. Gross.