Donald Trump Has To Hire People To Be Impressed With Him

This is an excerpt from an infomercial for…Donald Trump? I don’t think it’s even for a book or a terrible reality TV show, I think it’s actually for him. You can buy him now. Please just pay extra careful attention to the young woman “interviewing” him.

(thanks for the tip, Randi)

Amazing. She doesn’t usually get choked up, you guys. Just in case you thought she was always getting choked up, she’s not. We should be really clear that this is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for her. It’s just that being around such an inspirational man who has accomplished so many fascinating things in his life, including hiring her and paying her to cry on cue, it’s a little overwhelming.

Here’s another moment where she gets overwhelmed by how lucky Donald Trump is to look so great (?) and also eat hamburger.

Whenever I see an actor doing their best to stay professional in a role that seems unbearably humiliating, I always remember what a difficult profession it is, and how this person had to beat out other actors for the job. And when you beat out other people for something, even if it’s the Herpacil commercial, there has to be some momentary flash of pride that you were the one who was chosen. It’s always that moment that I get stuck on, trying to imagine the actor calling their parents with the good news. “Mom, I got the part. I’m going to be in a Will Ferrell movie! It’s a small part because I’m just starting, but I’m going to have crazy loud diarrhea in a gas station bathroom!” The saddest phone call in the world. I should start keeping a list. I’m going to start keeping a list.

1. Lady Interviewing Donald Trump In Infomercial

Will anyone out-humiliate her? ONLY TIME WILL TELL. But yes.