Duh Aficionado Magazine: Videogum Does Not Make The Show Scare Tactics

A few weeks ago, the new season of Scare Tactics premiered on the Sci Fi Channel. This was notable at the time because it’s hosted by Tracy Morgan, but to be honest I haven’t watched the show since then. Hidden camera shows seem so archaic now, like some relic of a bygone era in entertainment. They’re like player pianos, or shadow plays. They’re something you might find at a curios shop, or in a museum about things no one needs anymore.

But just because we haven’t been paying any attention to Scare Tactics doesn’t mean that we haven’t somehow become the web’s NUMBER ONE INFO SOURCE for getting in touch with Scare Tactics. There have been a series of comments left by would-be pranksters who would like to use Scare Tactics to trick their friends and family to what they seem to think would be hilarious effect.

It started out innocently enough with Michael, who simply wanted information on how to get on the show:

But then there was annette, who easily made the leap from asking for information about “the” show to asking for information about “our” show:

And once the precedent had been set, there was Crystal Camaro (winner of 2008’s Best Name, You Did It! Award):

Finally, there was the email sent to us by Jocelyn & Luke, who knew that a comment was not how you went about getting in touch with TV. You get in touch with TV by writing to [email protected]:

I am emailing you because my brother and I want to set up my dad. He is forty three and is always trying to freak us out. He is a big believer in all supernatural conspiricies so please help us get him back for every prank he ever pulled. He might be a tough one though because he was the youngest of ten kids and has been exposed to a lot.

Jocelyn & Luke

I don’t know if anyone over at the Sci Fi Channel reads this blog. They’re probably too busy planning an Alien Nation marathon or something. But if someone over there does read it, come over here and get your viewers. We keep telling them to email [email protected] but they say their emails are getting bounced back. Weird.