You Do Not Talk About The Kitsch This Way

GQ has a short interview with the ladies of Friday Night Lights, Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, and Aimee Teegarden, which should be great news. That’s a great show, and those are the great ladies on it (also Connie Britton, you’re great, what a great mom!). But I was not excited about the way they treated #33, big Tim Riggins:

GQ: Your co-star Taylor Kitsch is a lucky man. I think he’s kissed each of you on-air, right?
Minka Kelly: Even the guest stars–everyone gets a shot. The guys like to tease Taylor because people seem to think he’s a heartthrob. But they know better. They know how bad he smells.
Adrianne Palicki: And how much makeup he has to go through in the morning to get that pretty.

Excuse me, but Taylor Kitsch is a heartthrob. If you think he smells bad you’re probably a lesbian or something. And the makeup he puts on is because everyone has to wear makeup on TV because of the lights. I would hate to see how much makeup you have to put on. I bet it’s a lot. I bet you wear makeup all over your whole face. Apparently your co-star Taylor Kitsch isn’t a lucky man because he had to kiss each of you. He should have spit in your mouths. Nullus.