Mad Men: “Candy That Tasted Like Violence”

Countless viewers of Sunday’s Mad Men episode could be forgiven for thinking Don Draper, in a rare tender moment with his young son, told the boy that his own father liked to eat “ham…and candy that tasted like violence.” It was so poetic, and so perfect for an episode that further revealed Draper’s own violent tendencies. But if you listen carefully (in my house, we had to rewind immediately after shouting “wtf!?”), Don says “candy that tasted like violets“:

The writers had to have done that on purpose, but Draper was talking about C. Howards violet gum and mints in their “beautiful purple and silver package”, which were popular in the ’40s and ’50s and with which I had a brief pretentious flirtation in high school after I read some book that mentioned them (probably The Bell Jar) and found them in a museum gift shop. They’re disgusting. Stick to ham.