Mad Men: The Banging Finger, Having Banged, Moves On

(This has spoilers in it.)
Wouldn’t it be surreal and absurd and awesome if Don Draper started solving all of his problems every week with a threatening fingerbang? It could be like Kenny dying on every South Park. Alas, Mad Men’s writers aren’t smoking anything, and this week’s episode didn’t have many shockers (or half-shockers, as it were.)

Rather than do a tradish recap (which is weird for a scripted, moody drama), here’s last night’s Mad Men’s more notable moments in pictures.

The kids catch Don and Betty loving each other very much and not hurting each other:

Hey, it’s Betty smugly reading Babylon Revisited And Other Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which contains the story A Diamond As Big As The Ritz, which that cute young guy Arthur mentioned to Betty at the stables last week. We get to feel so smart for all noticing that! That’s called foreshadowing and it means they’re going to do it:

Sterling’s daughter looks like a six year old in dress up clothes:

Tom Hanks’s son Colin looks older than Tom Hanks does now:

“I have an idea for a television show.” “Congratulations.”

It’s Take Your Daughter To See Big Pointy Ones day:

Hey, Sterling’s call girl is Katie from Wet Hot American Summer! Maybe it’ll be a different story when she’s older and ready to get married, but right now she’s entirely about sex. Specifically with Roger Sterling and not with you:

Oh no you DID NOT Don Draper:

“I’m Peggy’s sister. It’s been two weeks since my last confession. Peggy has a secret kid”:

Nice try, Don, but it’s gonna take a lot more than this to redeem you:

“Here’s an egg for your secret kid. Confidentiality? What confidentiality? It’s 19fucking62.”

Next week it looks like Jimmy Barrett is totally going to get mad at Don for the fingerbanging episode unless he sells his wife’s TV show idea, Grin And Barrett!