You Could Be The Poorest Man’s Tony Jaa

Hey, are you an actor with some training in the martial arts, or a history of barroom brawling? Have you always dreamed of being in an action movie, slugging it out on the deck of an aircraft carrier or wherever it is that people are always slugging it out on the edge of in action movies? Well it’s time to get your head out of the clouds. Here’s a more reasonable craigslist posting:

Fight Scene Actors Wanted (Brooklyn)

I am looking for two individuals who look physicaly strong and can take a butt kicking on purpose. I am trying to get a neighbor intimadated without having to actually confront him. He is a real jerk and I would like to put a stop to his ways. Confrontation/altercation would take place in front of many people and no one would know.Except me and the two candidate fighters. A person with a car would get a little extra more($50).

please foward picture of your body type and phone number. I will contact you in the evening between 6:30pm and 8:00pm

The pay is $400, and all you have to do is be insane. WHAT IS THIS? There has got to be an easier, cheaper way to intimadate [sic] your jerk neighbor than staging a fight on the street in which you beat up two dudes from craigslist, one of whom may or may not have a car. But you guys should seriously apply for this job. He will contact you in the evening between 6:30 and Pineapple to tell you when and where the forklift is turning the midwife into dreams. (Because he is a crazy person from Crazytown, population Spoon.)