If You Hire Just One Hip Hop Magician For Your Kid’s Party, Let It Be This Hip Hop Magician

Uncle Majic and Shock-Kim are who the celebrities call for their kids’ birthday parties:

I saw this ad on TV last night during I Love Money, so apparently the target audience is celebrities who watch VH1. Just who are these celebrities that hire Uncle Majic for their kids’ birthday parties? Ever heard of a rapper named Treach? Well, you would have heard of him if it was 1996 and people still cared about Naughty By Nature. I am only teasing, Uncle Majic and Shock-Kim. I seriously want to have kids so bad so that I can throw them this party. Popcorn machines and cotton candy machines? I’m having TWO KIDS. Please visit for more information on the world of “hocuz pocus.”