Norm MacDonald’s Genius Roast Of Bob Saget (The Whole Thing)

There were three types of jokes made during last night’s mostly disappointing Comedy Central Roast Of Bob Saget:

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen sexual jokes.
2. Gay jokes.
3. Jokes about Cloris Leachman’s vagina.

Yawn! Gay jokes, really, still? Just when I was about to turn off the TV, though, the incomparable Norm MacDonald took the stage and turned the roast on its head with his own form of subversive comedy. Word is, the Comedy Central suits almost didn’t use his set, which makes sense because it was the only original part of the entire thing. What scoundrels! After the jump, Norm’s roast in its entirety, in which he proves that old lady vagina jokes are for the birds.

Leave it to the chronically misunderstood MacDonald to have the network’s Carlos Mencia fans scratching their heads. Next year, as a creative challenge, Comedy Central should write a list of banned subjects, like that fun game, Taboo, only for tired old roast cliches.