Please Stop Picketing Tropic Thunder And Start Picketing Claire Danes’s House

With all the media attention focused on Tropic Thunder’s movie-within-a-movie-within-a-movie send-up of Oscar-baiting actors portraying the mentally handicapped, Simple Jack, the fact of the matter is actual actors are doing this in the real world right now and it’s miserable. I understand that the word “retard” can be offensive to some people and that its use for comedic effect is questionable, but surely it’s not that much worse than Claire Danes pretending she is autistic. From the Hollywood Reporter:

HBO’s long-gestating Temple Grandin project is moving forward, with Claire Danes in negotiations to star and Mick Jackson set to direct the biopic.

Grandin, one of the leading speakers on autism, overcame the limitations imposed by the disorder to become one of the top scientists in humane livestock handling.

I’m sure that Temple Grandin’s story is an uplifting one, full of bravery and the overcoming of adversity, but this sounds like a real disaster. Claire Danes isn’t even that good at acting like a mentally average person. Or is that why they chose her? I Am Zing.

High school was especially harsh for Grandin, who was called “tape recorder” by other kids because she repeated things over and over. She also was hypersensitive to all sorts of sensory stimulation. She eventually graduated with degrees from several universities, going on to write influential essays on animal welfare and designing humane slaughterhouses. Grandin appears regularly on the news talk show circuit and was the subject of a BBC documentary titled “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow” and Errol Morris’ “First Person: Stairway to Heaven.”

Danes will play Grandin from her high school years to her post-academic period.

NOPE. People know that acting is pretending, right? It’s not, like, an actual skill. I mean, it is a skill, like the way lying is a skill. But it’s just the fanciest kind of pretending. Claire Danes is going to get paid upwards of $5,000 to do the thing that everyone was taught was impolite back in kindergarten. Enough.