SPOILER ALERT: Gossip Girl Season 2 Promos

I’m one third of the way through season 1 of Gossip Girl, so please don’t ruin it for me by saying whether or not everyone keeps being so one-dimensional and predictable. And NO SPOILERS about what East Village restaurant or Meat Packing District club gets name-dropped in episodes 7-18. Zing. I just took Gossip Girl to Zingbar’s for a zingverything bagel with plain zing cheese and smoked zinglmon. To be fair, I like this show. It’s like Horrible People but with bad actors.

After the jump, four new sneak peak promos of season 2 (via TV Squad), which starts September 2nd 1st. I haven’t actually watched them because like I said, NO SPOILERS. So you’re on your own.

How were they? Let me guess, someone sleeps with someone and backstabs someone and then someone’s mom is like “I treat my children with the callous negligence that is stereotypical of the extremely wealthy.” Man, being reductive about a show based on superficial caricatures is like shooting caviar in a barrel. With diamond bullets.