Chuck Woolery Validates The Existence Of So Many Failures

I have some very exciting news for the entertainers of Hollywood. The sadness and embarrassment you feel when trying to revitalize a waning career will no longer be that bad because now you’ll always have the work of Chuck Woolery as a benchmark of sadness by which to compare yourself. “Oh,” you will say to your friends and publicists, “I may be playing the same character I played 20 years ago and for way less money, but at least I’m not hosting the Meow Mix Game Show.” Reuters:

Game-show veteran Chuck Woolery will host “The Meow Mix Game Show,” a cat-centered competition that will air on GSN on November 15.

The half-hour program, in which cats and humans compete for the chance to win $1 million and earn $100,000 for their local feline-related charity, will put a twist on classic game shows like “The Newlywed Game” and “Jeopardy!”

Owners will be quizzed on general feline knowledge, covering such categories as nutrition, behavior, anatomy and the role of cats in pop culture. The competition also will feature interactive challenges in which cats and humans must work together to succeed.

This is mostly just an unfair jab to the floating ribs of Woolery’s career. The man is just trying to get through the day and put food on his table and here I am making fun of him. Well, that’s how boxing works. Jab jab jab. As far as the actual show is concerned, I will obviously watch this show, at least once. Because it looks insane/retarded and I love seeing cats and humans work together to succeed.