The Jeff Van Vonderen Lexicon: “Queen Baby”

I watched this week’s Intervention again last night and talked with some friends and have come around to the opinion that it’s useless to try to think of this episode as a normal Intervention episode — (spoiler) Allison didn’t act that way because she was on drugs, as evidenced by the fact that rehab seems to have changed nothing but her hair color. She totally knew what she was doing and knew she was being funny and wanted the attention of being on TV. So it’s totally okay for me to go buy some prop “duster” and be her for Halloween. That being settled, interventionist extraordinaire Jeff Van Vonderen introduced a brilliant new term into the lexicon the other night after meeting Allison for the first time. “The term for her is ‘Queen Baby'”:

The consensus is “What, is it mental retardation day?” is the best line from the show, so that’s in there too.