We Need A Constitutional Ammendment To Protect The Sanctity Of This Shit?

Ever since he “won” season 2 of I Love New York, Tailor Made has disappeared from the spotlight. What? That’s weird. But he was so uninteresting and his face was so shiny! So, what’s new with him? Well, in this behind the scenes clip via VH1 blog (which is edited like an in front of the scenes clip?) from Tiffany Pollard’s new show, New York Goes to Hollywood, Tailor Made calls and they get in a staged fight. So apparently not much.

You know, I always thought that the most shocking thing about reality TV was that most of the participants still had living parents. The shame that these people bring on their families! And very few of them have what it takes to make amends for that insult. But it turns out I was wrong. The most shocking thing about reality TV is when the participants are no longer even on television and yet still make phone calls in which they refer to themselves by the clownish and dehumanizing nickname some disinterested PA was asked to create at the end of a 14-hour day. That’s the most shocking. Oh, and the idea that these “people” still refer to each other as “fiance” when they haven’t been in the same room since the reunion show and they never liked each other to begin with. Oh, and everything about reality TV. Everything is the most shocking.