Won’t You Come Back, Whit Stillman?

When I was in college, I wrote (terrible) film reviews for my college paper. While doing some research one day, I found the phone number for Whit Stillman’s New York office, and ran around the newsroom of the paper screaming with glee that I had Whit Stillman’s phone number. I never called it, but what a dork. Anyway, there seem to be two types of people:

1. People who have seen all of Whit Stillman’s movies and wish Whit Stillman would make more movies.

2. People who have never heard of Whit Stillman or his movies (Metropolitan, Barcelona, and The Last Days Of Disco.)

In a really good in-depth interview with Karina Longworth on Spoutblog last night, Stillman talked about his next project, a movie about Jamaican musicians in the ’60s called Dancing Mood, the state of independent film, and…the Sex And The City movie, which he can be forgiven for liking because he’s Whit Stillman. It’s a must-read for Stillman fans, and coincides with his first film, Metropolitan, premiering on Hulu. I’m no movie-financing expert, but it seems like the rise of the internet since his last movie in 1999 would particularly benefit a word-of-mouth director like Stillman. The blogs love him!