Jaded Blogger Actually Impressed By The Trailer For The Cho Show

Whoa! What just happened? Did the trailer for Margaret Cho’s new reality show, which premieres on Vh1 next Thursday, actually jerk both an LOL AND a few tears from my bored, seen-it-all face? I expected the show to be better than your Kathy Griffins or your Pamela Andersons, but I didn’t expect it to seem so simultaneously entertaining and possibly worth something to the world. It starts out like it’s going to be your usual “spoiled narcissist and the zany characters on her payroll” reality show template, but Margaret Cho isn’t a spoiled narcissist and she actually has something to say. I mean, besides all that vagina stuff. ALSO GARY BUSEY:

How ironic is it that the circus-sideshow aspect of this reality show is the fact that it’s about someone with perspective and self-respect. What a freak!