Jean Luc Godard Meets Woody Allen To Get You Laid

This is a 26-minute documentary from 1986 about Woody Allen directed by Jean-Luc Godard (Spout Blog via Fimoculous). You’re either welcome or I am sorry, it depends.

Of course, you can probably just do the same thing you did in college, which is not actually watch this but then pretend like you know everything when you’re in front of that girl you want to F. The kind of hippyish one from your History of American Religions class. The one who doesn’t seem like your type but who for some reason you’re always staring at during Discussion on Thursdays, in no small part because it’s unbearable to listen to the GSI who barely has a better grasp on the material than you do and who says things like “that’s interesting, explain,” when he wants to cover up the fact that he wasn’t paying attention to whoever was talking either. Remember college?