Intervention: Whatever, At Least Jeff Van Vonderen Is Back

I was kind of hoping nobody would notice how kind of exploitative Intervention has gotten lately, since I’m always like “It’s so smart and tasteful!” Despite (or in addition to) being extremely entertaining, the show’s characters have gotten more and more desperate. Or maybe they’ve gotten more and more…funny? Humiliated? For the past few weeks I’ve dismissed the change in tone as being due to the absence of Jeff Van Vonderen, but oops, this week he was back, and it was one of the craziest episodes ever. So whatever, everyone’s talking about it. So meet Allison:

(The rest of the episode is on YouTube in four parts starting here.) I still think I was right when I argued with Gabe about Intervention and claimed it was helpful and more classy than most reality TV, but the show is getting dangerously close to the lowest common denominator. But then it’s impossible to judge it when it’s such compelling TV. The only way I can describe it is it’s starting to feel like other reality shows, and I thought we watched Intervention because it wasn’t like other reality shows. I just hope Jeff Van Vonderen can save it before it hits rock bottom.