You Can Criticize Soulja Boy For FREE In Our Comments Section

Soulja Boy posted a new vlog yesterday to explain why he loves it when people tell him to suck a dick.

Is this true? YouTube announced in April that it had paid out one million dollars to its user partners according to an unpublished sliding scale based on page views, or whatever. So there’s probably some truth to it. But 15 cents per comment? No. No way. He also claims that “Crank Dat” is up to 400 million views, which is only off by 372 million. I think it’s safe to say that Soulja Boy has made some money from the YouTube partner user program, but not enough to be Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out about.

But more importantly, I believe in free speech. Now, I don’t hate Soulja Boy, although I think he lucked out with “Crank Dat,” which was DECENT, and every song since then has been MIDDLING to HORRIBLE. (And I’ve never been a huge fan of artists who have to resample their popular work into their new songs to remind you that they don’t suck.) Nevertheless, we all have to take our lumps, and why should Soulja Boy profit from the free exchange of ideas? That is why I would like to open up the comments section of this post to a FREE Soulja Boy discussion. That’s right, you will not be charged for your Soulja Boy comment at, and he will not earn a cent off of you telling him to suck your dick. Soulja Boy, tell him.