Dance And/Or Souvenir T-Shirt Consumption Can Change The World

At last week’s Teen Choice Awards, Miley Cyrus used her Tween Overlord status to rob the Adam/Chu Dance Crew of their rightful victory in the months-long on-line dance battle that culminated in the televised head-to-head battle. But today, Jon Chu is mobilizing the internet one last time, and proving that the ACDC are not only the true victors in the funtimes competition, but the true victors in the on-line Moral Purpose In Life-Off.

We could have maybe done without the documentary about how Jon Chu made a friend in college, but you have to give it up to the ACDC. They’re the Lance Armstrong of the on-line dance battle community. Get it together Miley and Mandy. You could easily sell one billion shirts and instead of helping children in Northern Uganda you could just buy Uganda. You could rename it Tweenistan and patrol the borders with your tween army ensuring that NO PARENTS get in. Not that I would buy one of your shirts. ACDC 4 LIFE.