Welcome To, May I Blog Your Order (Sorry)

You know what, fuck it. We’re selling this website to Burger King. Why not? It’s going to be called and it’s going to be delicious (free burgers from your company now, please, I called you delicious). I AM JUST KIDDING ABOUT THIS. But there is plenty of Burger King nonsense going on today, namely the boy who took that bath, and now this music video from Cazwell for a song called “I Saw Beyonce at Burger King” (thanks for the tip, Jason). I’m told that he is “the closest thing we gays have to Eminem.” Well, I am sorry to hear that, gays. Also that seems like calling someone “the Jewish Hitler.” Or “the gay Hitler” for that matter. Hitler hated so many people! ANYWAY:

Nope. It was close with the “I saw Beyonce at JC Penny” part, but still nope. If you’re going to record a silly rap, you have to imagine that somewhere it could be considered a real rap. Like “Smell Yo Dick.” That is a very silly rap, but if you heard it come on at the party you would dance dance revolution to it. If this song came on at a party you would call everyone a cab. You would call the DJ two cabs. Besides if you’re going to make a rap about fast food, make sure that De La Soul didn’t do it 100 times better 17 years ago. SUPERZING ME.