Puppetry Of The Ego

Music video for Kanye West’s “Champion,” you guys:

There are two ways in which this video was conceived. Either someone figured out that Mr. West’s oversized arrogance and public persona as Ego in a Popped Collar was all bluff, that in reality he was nothing more than a puppet to his own insecurities. The puppet now stands for the fragility of self, as both an artist and a celebrity, competing on the global stage for attention, glory, status, what have you. For every gold medal there is the shaky moment of self doubt on the starting block where you wonder what you’re doing going up against giants.

Or, Kanye put down his Damien Hirst diamond skull of Hypnotiq and picked up his Vertu Constellation and called his manager to say “Dude, puppets. Puppets, dawg!”

It’s one of those two.