A People’s Movement To Stop Adrian Grenier

As Entourage’s Vinny Chase, Adrian Grenier is fine. He’s totally serviceable as an actor playing a more famous actor. I totally believe him as a bratty womanizing celebrity who has a lot of money, especially when I know that he’s a bratty womanizing celebrity who has a lot of money. And the fact that he’s not as big of a celebrity as his character and doesn’t have that much money that makes him likable. Aww. Wish fulfillment! We act out our dreams to deal with the psychic pain of never realizing those dreams!

But this Adrien Grenier “filmmaker” bullshit has got to stop. You’re telling me that we can mobilize the internet to fight Uwe Boll, but Adrien Grenier makes a documentary about finding his dad and not only is the internet silent, but he gets funding for a second film? From the Hollywood Reporter:

Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, Eva Longoria, Rosie O’Donnell and other celebrities will be featured in Adrian Grenier’s upcoming documentary “Teenage Paparazzi.”

Grenier’s film, which surfaced on gossip sites when the actor was seen around Los Angeles with interview subject Paris Hilton, explores his relationship with a 14-year-old paparazzo who took his photo. The docu will feature Grenier interviewing actors and commentators — including Martin Landau, Noam Chomsky and “Daily Show” comedian Lewis Black — about the culture of fame.


I am calling upon the power of the blogs to put an end to this sham. There are stories out there that deserve to be told but Adrian Grenier’s interactions with a teenage paparazzi is not one of them. That’s barely even a story I’d want to hear if I was friends with Grenier and he was telling it to me over brunch. I’d be like “Adrian, I love you, but this is boring. Eat your eggs.” That is why I have put together a petition to stop Adrian Grenier from making any more movies. It’s time that he kept the boring details of his decently successful life to himself.

Sign the Stop Adrian Grenier petition HERE to STOP Adrian Grenier.