30 Rock Recaps: Remember When TV Was Good A Few Months Ago?

Next month, we as TV watchers will be delivered from what has to have been the longest period of total crap in the history of the medium. Election + writer’s strike effect = absolutely nothing on worth watching except Mad Men and HBO’s summer documentary series. That’s exactly two things. The entire summer. So today when Hulu put up these four-minute “year in the life” recaps of Jack Donaughy and Liz Lemon from last season’s 30 Rock, I was reminded of why television exists (and why I pay so much for cable/DVR.) I suppose these are intended for viewers who didn’t watch each episode three times, but if you haven’t seen anything funny on television in three months, it’s new-ish to you.

A year in the life of Jack Donaughy:

A year in Liz Lemon’s love life:

30 Rock doesn’t come back until October 30, but surely there will be something else on to get us through until then.