America Fererra Can’t Stand Blake Lively

The Soup found this clip of a Good Day LA interview with America Ferrera and Blake Lively, stars of The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2. America clearly can’t believe her ears as a clueless Blake goes on and on about her show Gossip Girl, even though the two are sitting in front of a Sisterhood poster and are supposed to be promoting their movie, not their individual prime time TV shows. Before this clip, I would have said I was neutral on America Fererra and Blake Lively. Now I love America and think Blake is a pompous ass, so good job, Team America:

This is what’s going through America’s head:

Is she seriously answering that instead of turning the conversation back to the movie we’re promoting?
Wait, seriously?
She’s not stopping. Why is she not stopping?
SERIOUSLY, is anyone else noticing this? Am I taking crazy pills?
Oh, hi, I was on TV that entire time. Whoops, now you know how I really feel about Blake.